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France T253 male sex pills 

Details: Hong Kong days Dragon biological technology (International) Group began built Yu 1999, is Hong Kong days Dragon biological medicine research and development center of subordinates body, is domestic more early engaged in research and development, and production and operating sexual health products of specialization Enterprise one, this company to development China sexual health cause for core, to "no best, only better" for basic principles, based Yu technology, is committed to high-tech products of development and promotion. In the production process, production technology and quality management to stay ahead. In the fierce market competition, in unregulated markets struggle in cohabitation, and preserve the good reputation of their products, develop their own side of the pure land market, men have a youthful vitality to keep treasures changsheng; the woman your eyebrow phenomena; youth. Each couple, uses my factory product, sweet life, further success in business.

France T253 is the Hong Kong Dragon biomedical research centre after years of careful research, latest market after successful clinical trials, the 2003 United States viagra alternatives, Cialis best Challenger, can promote penis fast-growing, augmentation, increasing, can effectively address the sex short to prevent premature ejaculation, sex longer hours. But also retains 120 hours in the human body does not produce any side effects and dependency. No blush, accelerated heart beats, reactions, such as nausea, headache, and is protected from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes in, have a good effect on patients with prostate, drink-taking does not affect the results.
[Main ingredient]: saffron, Cordyceps sinensis, snow Lotus and snow penis et testis Cervi, Tibetan yak testicles, Hippocampus.
Adapt to the crowd: premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, weak, sexual dysfunction, sexual desire diminished, penis short, waist and knee pain, limb weakness, dizziness ringing in my ears, a virtual night sweats, night urination, kidney deficiency and cause a variety of symptoms, such as prostatitis.

[ France T253 Usage and dosage]: oral, before going to limit one particle, this product is with warm water by swallowing (10-15 minute taking a grain visible in advance worked wonders), routine health 3rd edible grain


1. not impatient for success, excess taken
2. after taking the medicine, such as erectile dysfunction or sexual intercourse multiple times in the jiubo not vent drink cold boiled water solutions
3.24 hours must not be reused.

[Specifications]: 2000mg x 10 tablets

[Implementation of the standards]: Q/MK-2003

[Technology]: Hong Kong Dragon biomedical research centre

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France T253

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